PowerPoint Notes – A Simple Tool to Improve Your Presentations

You probably already know that one of the cardinal rules of PowerPoint presentations is not to read from the slides as you make a presentation. If you do, your audience is soon lulled into turning their attention away from you and exclusively to the screen. Worse yet, they may be thinking, “Why didn’t she just give me a copy of the slides so I can leave?”

A great alternative to engage the audience but still have control of the material is to use the Notes tool in the software. Just in case you haven’t come across it, access it by going into the View menu and selecting “Note Page.” You then have a full-size page with the slide on top and room for–as you might have guessed by now–your own speaker notes that correspond to the slide on the bottom. You can resize the slide and notes sections, depending on the length of your notes.

Thus, you can have a minimal number of words on the slide, or perhaps just a table or other graphic, which you can explain or use as a jumping-off point, all the while with the security of having the notes in front of you. Your audience will only see the slides, not your notes. Present graphics or minimal information on the slides, then add value through your comments.

What’s more, you can make a template in the Notes section to organize your presentation and make the notes easy to scan. Here is one effective technique:

1. Write the main point of the slide first. What do you want to make sure you get across?

2. Add supporting information, perhaps a few examples or anecdotes that you will or will not draw upon, depending on the particular audience. Write a detailed script or talking points, whichever is more comfortable for you and the needs of the speaking engagement.

3. Estimate the amount of time you want to spend on the slide, and remind yourself in the notes. You don’t want to drag things out, but if you have a tendency to talk quickly, this will remind you that you have plenty of time.

4. Include your lead-in to the next slide. Remind yourself if you are beginning a new section, for example, or give yourself a cue such as “Let’s take a look at how that would work in practice.”

5. Include any other information that you want to have on hand that refers to that particular slide.

So how do you use it? Depending on the situation, print out a hard copy (select “Notes” when you go to the print menu) or have a copy of the presentation, in Notes Page view, running on a second laptop. Whatever you do, though, practice, practice, practice!

Shift towards shatterproof polymethyl methacrylate materials from glass to foster PMMA market for co

The PMMA market for construction application is projected to witness a lucrative growth rate over the forthcoming years due to key product attributes such as versatile coloring options, high light transmission, weathering, and UV light resistance. Shifting preference away from glass and towards shatterproof PMMA materials is also likely to propel the overall Polymethyl methacrylate market share from construction applications.

At present, key manufacturers and their respective R&D teams are developing new technologies and innovative products to enhance the PMMA market. Citing an instance, in October 2020, the Altuglas International research team in France, reportedly overcame a main technical hurdle of PMMA, that is known for its rigidity, so as to invent ShieldUp Flex sheet. This has been made flexible without having the requirement to add plasticizers as well as without changing the properties of the material.

ShieldUp Flex is known to be impact and chemical resistant, making this patented innovation one of the best solutions for projects that need transparency, durability, flexibility, shock resistance, and light weight. This kind of new innovation will be well suited for numerous applications.

Global Market Insights, Inc., forecasts that PMMA market for construction application size will be worth $3 billion by 2024.

Germany PMMA market for construction application is likely to surpass a valuation of approximately $125 million by the end of the analysis time period. This anticipated growth is ascribed to the increasing consumption of organic food, which is further increasing greenhouse construction activities. Properties including high insulation, longer life span, and easy installation have further supported the use of PMMA material for greenhouse construction, thereby favoring the industry growth.

Rapidly increasing construction activities across Saudi Arabia backed by Vision 2030 initiative is expected to drive the construction sector in Saud Arabia. Ongoing and upcoming projects such as Riyadh metro, Jeddah tower, and NEOM are likely to have a positive impact on the MEA construction sector, thereby amplifying the market size. Moreover, the product offers various useful key attributes including heat resistance, impact strength, tensile strength, and flexural strength which is anticipated to surge the PMMA market for construction application growth.

Companies are also engaged in strategic agreements to consolidate their industry position, which is likely to boost investments in extension of product line and capacity expansion. Citing an instance, in May 2020, Lucite International, a renowned leader, in acrylics, and Agilyx Corporation, reportedly started working to deliver a substantial contribution to the Circular Economy for polymethyl methacrylate materials with the support of Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, parent company of Lucite International.

PMMA is among one of the few plastics which could be chemically de-polymerized as well as purified in order to form a virgin quality monomer. Forming a new agreement with Agilyx, Lucite International would be using Agilyx depolymerization technology to describe the most appropriate chemical recycling infrastructure for recycling of PMMA.

Polycasa NV, SABIC, Arkema Group, and Mitsubishi chemical group among many others are some of the key players operating in the PMMA market for construction application.

A Holiday Dog Sweater for a Christmas Present

Christmas is in the air and it is time again to give your pet a treat by giving him holiday pet clothing. And what could be the best Christmas present for your pooch?

You can make your choice from a variety of holiday dog clothing. It could either be a dog sweater, a dog snowsuit or a dog raincoat. These items are suitable gift you could give your canine friend. Yes, they are indeed appropriate for the holiday. Christmas falls on a winter season and so your dog needs something to keep him warm. A sweater will be useful when he is indoors. A dog snowsuit and a dog raincoat will protect her from cold and snow when he is outdoors.

Here are some facts that you should know about your pet:

• It is true that dog’s hair protect them from cold. But not all the time. In periods of extreme temperature your dog will still feel the cold. This will make them vulnerable to catching cold and chills and worst hypothermia. So you should take extra precautions during cold season especially winter. A holiday dog sweater will be a wise present to keep him warm indoor.

• Not all breed of dogs are gifted with thick fur. Some breeds are born with less hair and this makes them feel cold easily compared to those with thick hair.

• Small breed of dogs get cold easily compared to large breeds. Because small breeds have lesser body fat, they are also vulnerable to cold. Examples of this breed are Chihuahua and miniature Poodle. These kinds of dogs really love to curl themselves on your sofa or prefer to lie by your side to keep themselves warm.

If your dog falls into one of these categories, then you should consider buying him a holiday pet clothing that will keep him warm. There are plenty of designs that you can choose from but make sure that your choice is made of the appropriate fabric. Holiday dog clothing made of fleece will be enough to provide your pet the extra warmth he needs.