Preparation, Presentation, Performance – How to Succeed in a Job Interview

Giving first job interview is very exciting and important event in one’s life. The thought of the interview gives the feeling of anxiety and nervousness creeping through the body. Many candidates for interview fail to perform according to their abilities because of the fear whether they will be able to meet the expectations of the interviewing board.

This situation can lead to an unsuccessful and failed job interview.
The key to a good and successful interview is to be calm and confident. Here are few guiding tips to succeed in your first interview and get a job:

o Preparation:

- You should be well prepared for the interview. Do through research on Internet as well as by business newspaper and journals, about the interviewing company. Find out their major clients, about company’s work and names of key position employees.

- Practice the expected questions and their answers by conducting a mock interview. You should be confident to answer any unexpected and unrehearsed questions also.

- You should prove in the interview that you are the most suitable person for the job. Highlight your positive qualities and experiences. Negative features like gap in your career, or prolonged search to get a job can affect the interview.

o Presentation:

- You should be formally dressed for the interview. It is wise to call the receptionist and ask for the dress code. Even for casual one, dress in elegant attire with tidy hair and properly cleaned shoes.

- You should only shake hands with the interviewers if they offer. You should keep your voice low if their one is soft. It is advised to minimize your hand gestures and remember to switch off your mobile.

- First impression is the last, therefore give your best impression by staying relaxed and cool. You should keep an eye contact and a smile to look confident. It you should listen attentively to the interviewer and include his/her words in your answers. Avoid looking around the room instead of the interviewer.

o Performance:

- Your have to show the board of interviewers that you are the right candidate with your preparation, confidence and marvelous looks. Punctuality and reaching a little earlier for interview will be an additional positive impression.

- Show and tell the interviewers confidently about all you know and can do. Listen attentively and react. You should ask your question at the end of the interview and thank the interviewer for their time with a handshake.