Guess Watches Make Great Christmas Present Ideas for Couples

There are a lot of ideas when it comes to presents and the market is saturated with experience days and unusual days out that can scare you or see you racing around a car track for day. These ideas are great and probably appreciated, but what about the art of giving a gift that can be opened on Christmas Day or Valentines Day.

If you are buying jewellery make sure you know the persons taste beforehand and its worth checking they are not allergic to certain metals before you buy specific jewellery. If you have a watch and your partner likes that watch consider buying them another watch from the same designer in the alternative style that suits the male or female. A lot of designers have watches that differ slightly with the clock face usually being smaller for the womens watch.

Alternatively there is the option to buy earrings or a necklace to go with an existing jewellery set. Maybe your loved one has the earrings and now just needs the necklace to complete the set. Look for the entire range of jewellery and see if you would be able to buy additional items later on in the year for a birthday or anniversary if you cannot get everything in the range in one go.

There is also the gift experience that can be brought as a joint present which is to be shared by both parties and these can be relaxing spa days or dinners out in a 5 star restaurant. There are plenty of gift experiences to choose from across a range of locations and there will be an experience to suit everyone.

Get The Right Size
Jewellery seems to still be a popular choice though as you can opt for rings, necklaces, watches, cufflinks, bracelets and some of these can come in matching sets. If you are shopping for a ring for Valentines Day make sure you have got your loved ones ring size, or even better if you are visiting a store take an existing ring into be measured so you know you have the right size ring. The same is also applied to bracelets and link chain watches. Links can be amended to reduce the size of the watch strap to stop it falling off a wrist, but if you need to add links to make the strap larger it can be harder and occasionally not possible to do and if you have gone out and got the item engraved as well, this will be impossible to return as the item has been personalised.

Make sure you carry out these checks beforehand and buy a gift that fits but also suits your loved ones personality.