Effective Presentations

Everything is coming together. You have prospected, contacted and now, finally you get to do your presentation. You have gathered all the information to present your product or service, but how do you do so in a way that is truly effective? Here are a few tips to help you do an effective presentation:

Keep It Simple

Keep the presentation informative, yet simple. You might know all the minute details on how your product or service works, but now is not the time to go into that in extreme detail for a couple reasons.

If your plan is complex, cumbersome and loaded with details, your client’s decision will also be complex, cumbersome and loaded with details. Keep it simple and make it simple for them to make a decision to work with you.

Also, if you begin talking too many details with someone who is not detail oriented, you will talk them into and out of working with you in the same conversation. Watch for eyes glazing over.

Follow the 4 Steps to the Anatomy of a Presentation

Uncover your prospect’s pain

Before you ever go into what you and your products and services can do, you have to find out what is motivating them as prospects, their why. There is some reason why they are talking to you. What is it that they have too much of or not enough of? There is something in their life that is causing them discomfort or dissatisfaction. What is it for the person or people you are presenting to? It is imperative that you find out. Think about all the features and benefits of your product or service. By asking your prospect some High Yielding Questions, you are able to quickly uncover their pain and check those items off mentally on your features and benefits list that are important to them. You want to make sure you highlight the right things in your presentation.
Present the solution

Tell them why your company, your product or service, or you are a solution for their pain. If you have skipped step 1, then you will spend your time going down a laundry list of all the features and benefits without really connecting to their needs and you will appear to have a one-size fits all approach. Remember to keep it simple and don’t go into too many details, yet give them enough information so they can see that you really do have a solution for them.

Determine their interest

This is where you summarize the main points and recap how these things will be of benefit for them. Then ask them how they see your company or product or service benefiting their challenges. This will insure that you did a good job in steps 1 and 2. If you didn’t make a good connection between their pain and what you offer, this is a good time to go back to step 1 and ask more High Yielding Questions.

Call to Action

Don’t let the presentation just fizzle to an end, make sure you ask the prospect if they are ready to get started today. If they are not, then set up a time to follow up. A “no” is often a “not yet” which is fine, just make sure you follow up.


“Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”

Don’t forget to practice, practice, practice. You will be more confident and relaxed and your prospect will be able to sense that. Learn to LOVE Practice!

Simple Steps To Improve A PowerPoint Presentation

There are interesting ideas for an effective PowerPoint presentation. These ideas will make your presentations have a bigger impact. Your message will be communicated more clearly and will impress your listeners making your ideas stay in their memories. The people attending your exhibition will focus on what you are doing and this will make your message clearer and more memorable.

Use graphics, visuals and pictures to make your slide show more lively. Research has proven that people remember information better when it is communicated visually. Use the insert menu and follow the directions for inserting a picture from a file. It is really quite easy to add pictures to your presentation.

Animations will capture the audience’s attention and their imagination. Using an animation will keep people’s attention from drifting off. Animations are the type of finishing touch that adds a professional style. You have a better chance of making an impression when you use animations.

When your presentation is a software application training session the use of computer screen shots is a simple but effective technique. Screen shots will simulate the feel of actually operating the software application. Your participants are familiar with the layout of standard computer screens. This familiarity will make them feel comfortable which will make them more receptive to your teaching.

Large amounts of simple text and particularly bullet points are guaranteed to make your participants drift away. Why give a presentation if you are going to just display text. You might as well just email the participants a text document that they can read on their own time. You need to make a lasting impression on your participants. To do that, you must capture their attention and their focus. Graphics, pictures and animations will do that but plain old text will not.

To get your points across you will have to have your participants attention from the very start of your presentation. In fact, your introduction is the most important part of your presentation. If you do not capture and hold the audience’s attention from the beginning it will be almost impossible to get it later on. For this reason, work hard on creating a good introduction that piques the participants curiosity and sparks their imagination. A little bit of humour can help but do not over do it with jokes. Asking the participants interesting questions will make them a part of the presentation. Asking them questions is a good technique for holding their attention and engaging the participants.

Be careful not to speak in a drone like voice. Modulate your voice so you do not bore people. You do not want to sound as if you are reading from a script. Doing that can lull your listeners to sleep. Speak as if you are just talking to a friend. Never read a script off of index cards. Practice your presentation until you can do smoothly without reading from any notes.

Let us review these ideas for giving an effective PowerPoint presentation. Capture the audience’s attention with pictures and animations. Stay away from a lot of text and things like bullet points. Audiences are bored by these and their attention will wander. Prepare an interesting provocative introduction that will grab the attention of your audience. Use questions to engage the audience and to get them curious. Modulate your voice so that your audience does not become bored or fall asleep on you. Following these simple tips will improve your communications. Your audience will stay engaged and will enjoy your presentation. A well prepared presentation using these tips will show true results.

Just How Does Consumer Debt Negotiation Work For Those Who Have a Problem With Debt?

Consumer debt negotiation can help you to pay off ones debts and thus lead a debt free lifestyle. If you happen to be irregular in meeting your installments and have skipped three or even more of them, it is time you begin considering negotiating your debt. Consumer debt negotiation is a great solution available to you if your debt account was offered to a collection organization.

With consumer debt negotiation, your outstanding balance is lessened by as much as 40% to 60%. It is possible to select debt settlement in situations where you have nagging debts to settle.

Should you appoint the services of a consumer debt negotiation company, they work on your behalf and discuss with the credit companies in order to reduce the outstanding amount. The agency analyses your financial condition to find out if consumer debt negotiation is the right option for you. A budget is worked out so that you can easily curtail other costs and keep some cash or to make larger payments towards your debt.

A trust account is created into which the cash is paid as opposed to having it paid to the lenders. When there is adequate money to begin talks with the creditors, negotiations begin. Once the credit companies decide to lower your settlement amount, you start making payments to them. A trust account ordinarily doesn’t gain any interest, nevertheless you continually receive detailed statements, indicating any financial activities that have taken place, in the trust account.

Your credit rating is an essential indication of your monetary health too. Should you have a favorable credit record, it increases your likelihood of getting new credit later. Not only this, you also stand a much better possibility of obtaining various monetary privileges a number of the creditors will offer. The rate of interest being one of them.

Since you stop making payment to the lenders for some time, and make payments to the trust account, your credit worthiness gets hurt for a short period. The score drops the moment your credit companies do not receive any payments from you. Consumer debt negotiation restricts this from being permanent. Even so, once your payments become regular again, your credit worthiness begins improving.

If you are looking for professional help, the company you hire determines to a large extent, how fruitfully you complete the debt settlement program. Before hiring their services, it is advised to assess their credibility. Try examening previous records of the consumer debt negotiation agency. Donate settle for a firm that asks for fees before they in effect do anything for you.

Consumer debt negotiation is definitely an enormous benefit to you. This will help you to lead a free life. As soon as you enroll for a consumer debt negotiation service, the number of collection calls made by collectors is cut down tremendously. You are eligible to pay much less than what you owe, you get to become regular with your debt repayments, and finally you’ll be able to lead a debt free lifestyle.